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Commercial and Retail Cleaning

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Commercial and Retail Cleaning Quotation
Commercial and  Retail Cleaning
Commercial and Reatil Cleaning

robaxin online canada Where appearance and cleanliness have an immediate impact on customers
We understand that your success is tightly interwoven with the image your environment projects. Therefore, consistent delivery of cleaning and maintenance services is vital.
Our vast experience in large surface cleaning ensures a clean and pleasant place to shop, eat or work. Our cleaning teams are efficient, flexible and fully certified. On-site supervision combined with our Quality Assurance Program helps to ensure that each cleaning assignment produces the best possible results.

Our Specialized Services

  • Customized cleaning programs

  • Hard-floor maintenance

  • Carpet cleaning

  • High dusting

  • Emergency cleaning

  • Office cleaning

  • Lighting system maintenance
    Commercial Cleaning area

  • Window cleaning

  • Hourly bathroom maintenance

We service establishments ranging from the smallest to the largest, for a single site or multi site

Commercial Shopping Center Cleaning

  • National retail stores

  • Shopping centres

  • Boutique Stores

  • Supermarkets

  • Department stores

  • Food courts

  • restaurants

  • Convenience stores

As an integrated service provider, we provide enhanced client value by also offering robust Technical Services, specialized Disaster Recovery and efficient Energy Management Services.

How Mobile Applications can Improve your Business. We make extensive use of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems in our day-to-day operations. QCS™ systems provide our technicians efficient scheduling for the maintenance of every asset in a building and evaluate the effectiveness of operations and staffing decisions. They can also generate lifecycle costing to determine long-term maintenance and capital renewal costs.

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Carrers with QCS

Interested in joining the QCS™ Team? We encourage you to send us your application. We will be glad to have your resume for future opportunities. Just apply through our On-line Application Form.