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Construction and Building Cleaning Quotation
QCS™ Construction and Building Cleaning Services
Post Construction Cleaning QCS QCS™ specializes in the cleaning of newly built homes and taking care of all the final details involved.

Our insured, well equipped, and thoroughly trained staff try their utmost best to satisfy your new home customers. Removing glue, emptying contents spilled in air returns, dusting, window cleaning, bathrooms, etc…

Committed To Excellence

We realize that after all (sub)contractors and carpet / floor installers are finished, the final product depends on us QCS™ We realize that the final home cleaning is more visible than any other aspect of your customer’s new home. Within one second your new home customer will already have made up his / her first impression.

Always on call and ready.

QCS™ provides immediate service to its regular customers, on a 24/7 basis.

Post-Construction Cleaning
New House Clean Ups QCS

Construction is not a 9-5 business, and construction cleaning must work within that reality. Through effective communication, attention to detail, and conscientious follow up, QCS™ does whatever it takes to get the job done when you need it done. We will fit our schedule to every client’s needs, even working in conjunction with the various trades on ongoing projects.

As you know, in construction, after the crew is gone the waste left behind can become a rather serious problem. Typically a broom and dustpan simply won’t get the job done. You need a company that is experienced with cleaning construction. Cleaning after construction is much like clearing a battlefield. After all, there is debris everywhere and a plan of attack is needed if the floor is to be cleared professionally. You need more than a floor cleaning crew, and you need more than mops, dusters, and vacuums. You need experienced teams and experienced team leaders that know precisely what they are doing. You need an army, and that is exactly what you get from QCS™ Cleaning.

There are a number of cleaning services offered for after construction customers, which are typically:

  • Removal of construction debris

  • Window cleaning

  • Dust removal

  • Floor tile cleaning

During Construction Cleaning QCS
There are other services available that may or may not need to be performed on a case by case basis. As you know, every project is different, and QCS™ has you covered in that regard. In addition to providing a wide range of cleaning services, QCS™ understands that not every business is 9-5, and as such, our team will clean according to YOUR schedule. Whatever it takes, however long it takes, QCS™ will meet the client’s needs and ensure your premises are ready and in optimal shape. Make sure you call or e-mail today for a no-obligation quote.

Our experienced team rise to the challenge of each new job site, working with clients to anticipate problems before they arise and deal with the unexpected in a timely and positive manner.

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Carrers with QCS

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