Health Care Industry Commercial Cleaning

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Health Care Industry Commercial Cleaning
Healthcare Cleaning Services

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It is vital to clean, disinfect and sterilize your medical environment, and therefore essential to hire professional cleaners with extensive knowledge and experience. The choice of a facility service provider is a key factor in your institution’s success.
We use the most advanced, scientifically validated cleaning methods and equipment available. We establish comprehensive cleaning programs to maintain a healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for all patients and staff.

Our Specialized Services

  • Sterilization protocols specific to healthcare environments

  • Detailed measurement and mapping of operating procedures, assisted by software designed specifically for hospital and healthcare environments

  • Microfiber technology in all cleaning cloths and mopping programs to increase soil and matter containment and removal.

  • HEPA multi-filtration high-efficiency vacuuming technology and electrostatic dusting

  • Strict colour-coding methodologies to avoid cross-contamination

We take pride in customizing the most advanced healthcare cleaning techniques to suit your specific needs.

Our Cleaning Expertise Areas 
Health Care cleaning Services QCS

  • Operating and emergency rooms

  • Outpatient and long term care facilities

  • Medical laboratories

  • Patient rooms

  • Post-Op rooms

  • Physical therapy facilities

  • Surgical rooms

  • Day-care centres

  • Reception areas

How Mobile Applications can improve your Business. We make extensive use of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems in our day-to-day operations. QCS™ systems provide our technicians efficient scheduling for the maintenance of every asset in a building and evaluate the effectiveness of operations and staffing decisions. They can also generate costing to determine long-term maintenance and capital renewal costs.

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