Hotel Cleaning and Maintenance Services

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Hotel Cleaning and Maintenance Services
Hotel Cleaning and Maintenance Services Quotation
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The essential: The well-being of your guests

best place to buy Misoprostol online? We synchronize our offers with your needs. We provide janitorial and cleaning services, accurate financial management and streamlined front desk services with flexible and advantageous costs – all in your favour.

Every hotel or resort is aiming to offer their guests the highest level of satisfaction and comfort. We therefore provide staff that are qualified, trustworthy and professional.

Our Hotel Services

  • Supervision and Support Staff

  • Housekeeping

  • Valet parking

  • Reception Staff

  • Day porters

  • Public and Service Area Cleaning

  • General Maintenance

  • Reception Staff

  • Human Resources Management

Hotel Cleaning Services QCS

With Staff located in all major cities across Australia, we are able to provide staff, even on short notice, through our Human Resources Department which manages hiring, labour relations, replacement, salaries and all that is related to the Workplace Health and Safety of our employees.

Our Cleaning Services

We combine innovation with leading research and development, offering our clients the latest in performance technology. Our combined systems are best-in-class, ensuring consistent and sustained levels at every property, promoting life-long customer loyalty.

  • Daily janitorial and sanitation

  • Disinfection sterilization

  • Furniture and upholstery cleaning

  • Carpets and floors cleaning

  • Floor stripping, polishing and waxing

  • High dusting

  • Light fixtures cleaning

  • Spring cleaning

As an integrated service provider, we provide enhanced client value by also offering robust Technical Services, specialized Disaster Recovery and efficient Energy Management Services.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning and Maintenence QCS

How Mobile Applications can Improve your Business. We make extensive use of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems in our day-to-day operations. QCS™ systems provide our technicians efficient scheduling for the maintenance of every asset in a building and evaluate the effectiveness of operations and staffing decisions. They can also generate lifecycle costing to determine long-term maintenance and capital renewal costs.
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Carrers with QCS

Interested in joining the QCS™ Team? We encourage you to send us your application. We will be glad to have your resume for future opportunities. Just apply through our On-line Application Form.