Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Cleaning Services

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Cleaning Services Quotation
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Cleaning Services 
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Cleaning Services

Industry leader in cleaning protocols and sterility testing.

order cytotec online no prescription Pharma Life Sterilization is vital in the pharmaceutical industry. Bacteria, fungi and mould constantly threaten to contaminate specimens and products.
We put science and technology into our cleaning methods to clean, disinfect and sterilize any sterile and non-sterile environments. We use highly specialized tools and equipment based on the SOPs of the given environment. As part of our facility maintenance procedures, we also pay close attention to damp environments – industrial appliances, air conditioners and humidifiers – where mould can proliferate.

Our Specialized Cleaning and Disinfecting Equipment Services

  • Stainless steel systems and equipment

  • Spray dryers

  • Cyclones

  • Duct work

  • Heat exchangers and chillers

  • Clean steam systems

  • Mixer vessels and reactors

  • Glass lined vessels

  • Pipework

  • Compressors

  • Evaporators

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry
Our technicians are thoroughly trained in the use of cleaning products and disinfectants to eliminate specific contaminants and protect the integrity of the environment. They are experts in the latest micro-cleaning techniques and cleaning methods. They are also knowledgeable about harmful products, including toxic cleaning supplies and volatile organic compounds that may pose significant threats to health. All our staff is subject to tight supervision and must operate according to guidelines and protocols established by the company.

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