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Company Overview QCS
QCS Company Overview. QCS™ is a dynamic business continually evaluating itself and evolving to meet the needs of tomorrow. We will continue our growth and succeed through learning, teaching, the continual improvement of our best in class service delivery and customer service experience, and by staying true to our core values and what we most care about.
Our vision is… to create a workable service plan unique to each company’s needs while catering to the changing times and variability’s in the facility Services Industry.
Our objectives are to be:

  • Customer-focused
  • Quality Oriented
  • Competitively Priced

We also conduct all activities with a high respect for environmental and health and safety initiatives.
Getting Started: To achieve and then exceed service excellence, understanding our customers’ expectations is the first step. The next step is to determine quality oriented service plans that fulfil their service needs. Then to put these ideas into operation we train our staff in the provision of Customer Service Excellence. This process is the beginning of a workable service plan.
Our continual improvement philosophy is a powerful blend of service analyses, process and design developments resulting in workable action plans. This ongoing practice is necessary in establishing long term service agreements.

Our objectives for each client services are to –

  • Be Different – tailor service plans to meet customer’s needs in a cost-effective manner
  • Keep it Professional – in all operational, service and management decisions
  • Stock Quality – focus on value added
  • Be Local – where possible, hire local and buy local to support the local economy;
  • Be Responsible – be considerate of people’s and organizations’ changing needs. li>

QCS™ achieves success because of its commitment to superior service, and to the belief that our clients are our number one priority.

Our staff are trained to serve a variety of business needs proficiently, to treat everyone with the utmost respect and with the highest level of customer service humanly possible.
Our reputation is built on these principles-

  • Dedication to our Clients
  • Dedication to our Employees
  • Mutual Respect
  • Integrity and Sincerity
  • Loyalty and Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership Development
  • Continual Improvement Philosophy
  • We Value Your Input

We thank you for viewing this introduction and respectfully ask you to consider QCS™ when you choose a contract management company to provide your Facility Service needs.
Please do not hesitate to contact me Vipul Gupta directly should you have any questions about QCS™ and our commitment to service excellence.