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Our Staff at QCS
QCS Our Staff

Our distinguishing advantage: Our Staff

We have the resources to offer our personnel the training and development they deserve.

http://triplephiveauto.com/post-rally-reactions-after-a-tumultuous-rocky-mountain-rally-2015-carsrallytv/ Our personnel undergo continuously updated training and orientation programs to enhance their knowledge and skills. This practice continues throughout their employment with training from our experienced employees as well as from recognized educational programs. To keep our reputation as an employer of choice, we have clearly defined strategies and procedures for the selection and recruitment of competent and qualified people.
Recruitment Process


As an equal opportunity employer, we encourage anyone interested in seeking employment within our Group to complete an application for employment. Application forms can be filled out on our Web site, in the Employment section.


Completed employment application forms are reviewed to ensure that the applicant is legally eligible to work in Australia.


Each applicant is interviewed, and references are checked prior to an offer of employment.


All relevant personal information and security verifications are completed. An offer of employment letter and the Welcome to QCS Orientation Package are submitted to the successful candidate.


All hired candidates must complete training and pass tests on Workplace Health & Safety and Respect at the Workplace. We give specific training on cleaning processes and procedures to ensure rapid integration to the work teams and a productive work routine is immediately adopted.

  • We support our people in their will to succeed.
  • We help them enhance their skills.
  • We stimulate their potential.
  • We offer positive working environments.

Carrers with QCS

Interested in joining the QCS™ Team? We encourage you to send us your application. We will be glad to have your resume for future opportunities. Just apply through our On-line Application Form.